How to Celebrate Earth Day

How to Celebrate Earth Day

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 16th Apr 2018

Happy Earth Day everyone! This is just one of the Piggyback Rider Team’s favorite holidays! Do you want to know why? This is the best holiday to use your Piggyback Rider. We wanted to talk more about different ways to get outside and be active with your family on this day!

Keep reading to learn more about three different outdoor activities where you can use your Piggyback Rider.

Earth Day Carnivals/Parades

Who doesn’t love a good carnival or celebration? Just like any theme park, it can be hard to get around. Like we said before, ditch your stroller and buy yourself a new Piggyback Rider. It is the best replacement for your kids sitting on the back of your neck just to get a good view. It evens the weight and the pain! It is a double win. It can also help you to always keep an eye on your children because sometimes, they are quite sneaky.


nt to enjoy the Spring weather with your family? Try going on a hike! That might not seem like a great time for your kids, but if you say you have a Piggyback Rider, they will hop on board! This would be an awesome family bonding activity. Take Earth Day to go out, enjoy mother nature, and teach your kids the importance of being active and taking care of our earth. Look up different routes close to your home and find one your whole family would enjoy.

Disneyland/Theme Parks

ooking for a reason to bring your family to Disneyland or any theme park for the day? We are giving you an excuse and we want to make it easier for you. Leave the strollers at home and bring your Piggyback Rider. Make your way through Mainstreet a little bit easier. Think about purchasing a snack pack as well so you can pack some healthy snacks or load up on churros. People love bringing their Piggyback Riders to Disneyland, not only to avoid having a slow walking child, but to let their child enjoy the fireworks and parades from a better viewpoint.

These are only three ideas on how you can celebrate Earth day by being outside and spending time with you family. To purchase a Piggyback Rider or snack pack attachment, visit