Get Outdoors with the Piggyback Rider

Get Outdoors with the Piggyback Rider

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 8th Jun 2020

June is designated as National Great Outdoors month and is a time to celebrate the natural beauty that we have all around us. It's time to escape the indoors and take an adventure into the great wide open. If you have a toddler, you'll want to take the Piggyback Rider along to make your celebration easier and less stressful. While you think about where you will go, we will tell you how to use your Piggyback Rider to celebrate the great outdoors with the whole family included. 

Because toddlers often need to be carried, have a spur of the moment tantrum, or overall just complain about the majority of things, you'll want to have reinforcements on your outdoor adventure. The Piggyback Rider will help when they ask to be carried, it will save you from the tantrum and it will be a device that helps forgo all the complaining. You're probably asking how can one carrier do all of these things? And we are here to give you some answers.

When You Carry Your Toddler

Before you may have known about the Piggyback Rider, you most likely carried your toddler on the hip, on your shoulders, or with a traditional piggyback ride. While you're lifting your 25+ lb kid, your back was tweaking, your hips were becoming uneven and your shoulder ride wouldn't last more than 15 minutes. 

Because the Piggyback Rider evenly distributes your child's weight, it's comfortable to carry them on a 4 mile or 14 mile hike. Yes, you can go as long as you want, because it also allows your child to easily hop on and off. So, when your child asks to be carried half way through your outdoor adventure, you'll rest easy knowing your 3lb. Piggyback Rider is already strapped to you, or you can simply take it out of the carry bag that you already had on your back. 

When Your Toddler Throws a Tantrum 

Anyone with a toddler can attest to their spur of the moment tantrums, at most likely, the worst time of the adventure. Whatever their tantrum seems to be, we are always looking for ways to turn their attention somewhere else. The Piggyback Rider is the perfect carrier for toddlers because it gives your child a view that no one else has. They can touch the top of the tree, they can see the tip of the mountain and they can ride above everyone else. The Piggyback Rider gives them their own adventure (no tantrums included).

When Your Toddler Complains 

Maybe it's too hot, the trail is too long, or they wanted to do something their way. Whatever the complaint is, the Piggyback Rider is your way out. If the trail is too long, pop them on the Piggyback Rider half way through. Try out a nature scavenger hunt and ask them to find things that would be at their eye level (way up there). With many Piggyback Rider families all over the world, one thing remains the same: epic adventure. We know that toddler complaining is just in their nature, but we also know that the Piggyback Rider helps them to enjoy the ride and be in the mix with the rest of the family.