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Family New Year Resolutions

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on

The New Year is almost here! As 2017 comes to a close, we can sit and reflect on the year that is wrapping up. Family fun filled with hiking, parades and more. Thanks to the Piggyback Rider these activities were stress free and let our toddlers get in on the action without getting lost in a crowd. A new year is the perfect time to set resolutions, but this year get the family involved. We have some great resolutions that you can make together as a family to get closer together throughout the year.

Hiking Goals

There’s no doubt, the Piggyback Rider is a hiking family’s best friend! When those little toddler feet get tired, riding the bar is the perfect solution. When the rest of your family wants to go the extra mile, but the little ones can’t keep up, we’ve got your back. Get a list together and write down your favorite hikes and a few you’ve always wanted to try.Let your resolution be trying to hike every weekend, or maybe once a month. Outdoor time with the entire family is one of the best ways to keep everyone connected!

Eating Together as a Family

Life is busy, we get it, but eating together as a family is one of our favorite resolutions we’re going to make this year. Between work and after school activities, sometimes sitting down to eat a family meal seems impossible! Commiting to sitting down as a family for dinner at least a few times during the week can kick start this resolution and turn it into a habit! No more quick dinners in the car on the way to soccer!

Take Time To Learn

Our cities are full of fun activities with great opportunities to learn. Taking the time to take in local culture and learning new things is a great resolution to make as a family. Kids love interactive museums, but often times they’re a little busy. The Piggyback Rider is perfect for museums that have large crowds because not only does it keep your children close to you, they get the best view! No more “Pick me up! I can’t see!” because your child will have the best view in the group.

Charity Walks

Charity walks are often held almost every weekend, and have fun for all ages. Charity walks not only help the community, but help families get active. Again the Piggyback Rider comes in handy because it will keep toddlers close to you when the crowd hits the start line. Also, depending on how far you plan on walking, the little ones might not be able to keep up. The Piggyback Rider is light enough to wear until it’s needed.

Keep these resolutions in mind while you take on new adventures in 2018. The kids will love getting to hang out as a family more! For all things Piggyback Rider, visit our website!