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Fall Hiking Guide

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on

Fall is finally here! The first official day of Fall was September 22nd, and for the outdoorsy people, that means cooler temperatures for our adventures. We love that the temps are dropping, but that also means a whole new set of precautions are in place for hiking. While it’s not freezing cold yet, packing and preparing for a fall hike proposes a challenge.

What to Wear

When trying to plan your hike, remember that most fall days start cool, and progressively get warmer while the sun’s out. Dressing yourself and your family can be easy, just follow these tips:

  • Wear Layers - your clothing should consist of 3 layers, a base layer to keep perspiration away from your body, a middle layer to keep you warm, and a top layers that keep water and moisture out.
  • No cotton - Once cotton gets wet, it takes awhile to dry. Stick to wool and synthetic fabrics.
  • It’s not time for thick gloves and socks just yet, but it’s always a good idea to pack them. When picking gloves, fleece works well because it dries quickly if it gets wet. Wool socks are a good idea, but if they’re too thick it could make your hiking shoes too thick. Don’t forget extra pairs of gloves.

The best part? The Piggyback Rider is lightweight and easy to wear. You won’t feel like you’re wearing a heavy child carrier.

Check the Weather

About a week before you go, keep an eye on the weather and monitor the times it gets warm, and when the temps start to drop. This will help you pick a start time for the hike, and when to finish up. It will also help you pack.

Don’t Forget…

Just because the weather is cooling down, doesn’t mean you can pack up your summer supplies! When hiking this fall you’ll still want to bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Water

Hydration Pack!

No more asking to pass the water bottle! The child safety harness comes as a hydration pack option. Even though the weather isn’t as warm, you’ll still need to stay hydrated. For your child, this will never be easier. It will be right at their fingertips, keeping you truly hands free.

Keep the adventures going all year round, the Piggyback Rider has your back, literally! Follow these tips and tricks to stay warm while the temperature drops, and keep the family happy! Visit our website to see the hydration pack, and all the other Piggyback Rider accessories that make exploring easy.