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Easter Egg Hunts

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on

Easter is just around the corner and we can’t wait for all the candy, egg hunts and overall celebration that comes along with the holiday. You may not think the Piggyback Rider would come in handy on this day, but we’ve got a great way to incorporate riding the bar into your Easter this year.

Easter egg hunts have been around for many years and they are one of people’s favorite Easter traditions. It is always fun to hide the eggs and watch the kids run around the yard looking for them, but usually this is just a kid activity. We at the Piggyback Rider want to change that and get the parents involved too.

With the Piggyback Rider, you can take your Easter egg hunt to the next level this year, literally. Hide the eggs in more extreme and hard to reach places, strap on the Piggyback Rider and get the whole family involved. With the Piggyback Rider, you have a great way to scope out the whole hunt, reach the eggs that are high up, and have a great egg carrier (*cough, cough Mom or Dad) because of the hands free capability the Piggyback Rider provides.

If you and your family give Easter baskets and gifts for Easter, the Piggyback Rider could be a great addition. Visit our website today to order and check out all the other great adventures the Piggyback Rider can take you on.

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