Easter Egg Hunts with the Piggyback Rider

Easter Egg Hunts with the Piggyback Rider

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 8th Apr 2019

The Piggyback Rider team is always encouraging parents to get outside and explore – holidays are no exception! This Easter, you should consider changing things up with the family and spend the day outside to enjoy quality time together. Don’t forget to grab your Piggyback Rider on your way out of the house.

Community Egg Hunt

Through neighborhoods and community centers, residents will put on large scale Easter egg hunts for all the kids in the area to enjoy. It takes a lot of work out of the planning for you and your spouse, and you likely won’t have to fill tiny plastic eggs with treats. If you’re on a time crunch this year, check social media for events in your area.

If you’re headed to a park or community center, the Piggyback Rider will come in handy during the festivities. Just strap it on and put your toddler on to keep track of them in large crowds. When the Easter egg hunt starts, they can exit the carrier quickly and join in on the fun!

Bring the Easter Egg Hunt with You

If you’re going to be traveling or planning on hiking through the forest, consider bringing the Easter Egg hunt with you. If you’re stuck in an airport or a long car ride, find a quiet, empty spot and hide the eggs before your kids see. They’ll love that the Easter bunny came to visit them, even when they aren’t at home. Your Piggyback Rider will help keep your little ones close to you at busy airports or truck stops so you don’t have to worry about them during stressful travel days.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Skip the plastic eggs completely and opt for a nature-themed scavenger hunt. Research your local area and determine what type of plants, trees, geographical features and flowers you will see on your hike. Create a list for your children to check off as they see them. Take a break on the trail and snack on Easter treats or egg-shaped sandwiches to stay on theme.

Sibling Rivalry

Parents with multiple children know all too well the joy of competition between siblings. To keep things fair for the little ones, hide Easter eggs around your home at different heights. Let your toddler ride the bar and take them around the house to grab the hard to reach eggs that the older siblings can’t reach. This will keep sibling bickering to an all-time low!

The Piggyback Rider loves any excuse you have to get the family together, but holidays are our favorite reason. This Easter, take time to relax and enjoy down time with your spouse and children. Don’t forget to purchase your exclusive Piggyback Rider accessories! Visit our shop now page to purchase.