Clean Out your Hiking Gear this Spring

Clean Out your Hiking Gear this Spring

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 21st Mar 2019

It’s officially spring and parents around the nation are planning out their spring and summer hikes and outdoor activities. Before you can hit the trail, you have to clean out your hiking gear and outdoor supplies to prepare for your upcoming trips. Check out our best tips for cleaning out your gear to get ready for this new hiking season!

Unpack & Evaluate

After sitting in your garage or closet all winter, your family’s gear may need to air out and be evaluated for any damage from elements or pests. Roll out tents, examine boots and check your packs. If all looks good, let your supplies sit out in safe, covered areas and get ready to clean them out.

Clean Out the Tent 

Use a light, non-detergent soap mixed with hot water to clean the surface and inside of the tent. Check with the manufacturer for specific instructions. It’s important that you don’t damage the protective layer on the tent.


Whether there’s a funny smell or a stain, there are few ways you can take care of your hiking pack. You can quickly vacuum out dirt and debris from past adventures and then use a cloth with warm water to clean stains or stuck on dirt.

Sleeping Bag

These are the easiest items to clean because you can throw almost any of them into your front-loading washing machine. You should wash after every few uses, especially if you used it more than a couple nights. After it has been sitting in the garage over the winter, you will want to clean it before you use it again this year.

Hiking Shoes

As the most essential part of your hiking gear, it’s important that you take care of your footwear. They won’t need to be cleaned thoroughly before your first hike this year, but you want to make sure that you are cleaning them after each hike. You should also store them in a protective container when not in use to save them from the elements. When it is time to clean them, use a soft brush and warm water to remove debris.

The Kids

A new season means your kids are another year older. Maybe last year they couldn’t partake in the hiking adventures, but this year may be their year. Don’t let them miss out on that extra mile! It’s time to bring the Piggyback Rider along to make your toddler feel like they can do everything mom or dad can do. Shop our standing carriers online and don’t forget the accessories!

We know you’re excited to hit the trails again, so make sure your entire family is ready to go and doing so safely. Take the time to examine your gear to avoid any issues when you’re outdoors.