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Child Health Day

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on

The health of our children is of utmost importance. Teaching them healthy habits at a young age is the only way to ensure they live long, happy lives as adults. We celebrate Child Health Day every year on October 2nd by reminding our kids how to be active and stay healthy.

The Piggyback Rider is a great way to get moving and exploring. Get your child in a routine of being active and wanting to explore that extra mile, so that when they are older and can go the distance, they will be more inclined to do so if they are used to it. Children also love to copy whatever Mom and Dad are doing, so if the parents encourage activity then the children will follow. The Piggyback Rider is great for walking around anywhere: the wilderness, amusement parks, or even inside at aquariums or museums!

Now, while walking with your Piggyback Rider, you might have hungry children. Diet is just as important as being active, which is why it is important to have healthy snack options. Check out our blog here about trail mix to bring along, or pack some fruits and veggies to snack on. Make sure to drink plenty of water while you are out and about too. If you are worried about carrying water bottles, check out our Explorer Model, which includes a hydration pack.

Our number one goal as parents should be to keep our children healthy. Childhood obesity is becoming a serious problem in this country, almost tripling since the 70’s. The best way to keep your children healthy is to lead by example and set good habits early. How will you celebrate Child Health Day??