Celebrating Halloween with the Piggyback Rider

Celebrating Halloween with the Piggyback Rider

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 23rd Oct 2020

Grab the ghouls (a.k.a. toddlers) and your Piggyback Rider and celebrate the spooky holiday in style! When it comes to Halloween, nothing is off limits, including your costume. But what about when your toddler is involved? With the Piggyback Rider, you and your toddler can be attached to the same costume!

With our not so normal Halloween coming up, parents are finding it best to stay home and not go trick or treating. So, we've rounded up some ways to celebrate that include the Piggyback Rider. 

Hunt for Halloween Decorations: instead of trick or treating, use the Halloween weekend to hunt for decorations. Hop in the car, or take a walk in your own frightful neighborhood. If you'll be walking, don't forget your Piggyback Rider to allow your toddler to hop on and off. 

Have a Costume Party at Home: if you choose not to go trick or treating, you can still dress up in full costume! We have had so many of our riders get creative while using the Piggyback Rider for their toddler's costume. From Luke Sky Walker and Yoda to a Batman duo, there is nothing you can't do with the Piggyback Rider. 

Scatter Treats in the Yard: if you have multiple little ones of all different ages, you'll want the Piggyback Rider to help the littlest of them all to get candy. Strap them on your back and play "who can find the treats fastest." Tip: we recommend hiding some in high places so your toddler can grab them while on the Piggyback Rider. 

Head to the Pumpkin Patch: some are drive through and some are socially distanced. but they all have pumpkins! For the ones where you can pick your own, keep your toddler close by with the Piggyback Rider. You won't have to worry about them running off when you have them safely strapped to your back! 

Let’s think positive, though. Halloween may look different, but there are still lots of ways to make it a memorable, fun, and safe family event!