Celebrating a New Season with the Piggyback Rider

Celebrating a New Season with the Piggyback Rider

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 24th Sep 2020

It's officially Fall in all parts of the world. While some are seeing the leaves change more than others, we can all agree that this new season will bring new things to do. From apple picking to hiking the Narrows, the Piggyback Rider is a great addition to the season, especially if you are a family with toddlers. 

Apple Picking

The Piggyback Rider allows your child to literally achieve new heights. When picking fruit, let your toddler on the Piggyback Rider so they can get all of the best fruits from the top of the tree. The Piggyback Rider is designed with a 360 degree view so there will be nothing holding your child back from reaching the top. Now your toddler won't feel left out of the adventure.


As most trails have no re-opened, there are now more chances to get out and adventure. Parents with toddlers might not feel comfortable taking their child the extra mile, especially when that child will tire quicker than everyone else. The Piggyback Rider will give parents the peace of mind needed to take the longer hike. From the Narrows to Yellowstone to the ruins in Mexico, our Piggyback Rider has traveled around the world, saving parents time and tears. 

Social Distancing

As we are still in the middle of a pandemic, social distancing is highly recommended. While you can adventure out of your home, you still should think with safety in mind. The Piggyback Rider allows you to keep your child close when social distancing can't always be done. With the Piggyback Rider, you won't have to chase your toddler around, you'll have peace of mind knowing they are safely strapped to your back. 

Pumpkin Patches

You can't have fall without pumpkins. As pumpkin patches begin to open and safety regulations are put into place, using the Piggyback Rider allows your toddler to still enjoy the adventure from a safe distance of crowds. One of the best parts about the Piggyback Rider is that it allows for the perfect selfie, since the child is at the parent's height. Find the perfect pumpkin and say cheese!