Celebrate Your 3-day Weekend

Celebrate Your 3-day Weekend

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 30th Aug 2017

Labor Day weekend might be the most popular 3-day weekend that we celebrate. It’s time to get the family together to cookout, spend time outdoors, or get out of town. We usually celebrate Labor Day in a big way because it symbolizes the end of summer, which means we definitely get the kids involved. Keep reading for ideas on what to do this weekend that involves your Piggyback Rider.

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Go Out of Town

A lot of us are guilty of not exploring our own backyard. There’s got to be a city you have been meaning to visit, maybe one that’s close enough for a day trip. A three day weekend gives you the freedom to really spend some time out and about. Google historical landmarks, and must try restaurants. The best part? The Piggyback Rider keeps your child close in this new environment.

Check Off Home To-Do’s

When life gets busy, it’s usually housework we fall behind on, especially parents with toddlers. This weekend, grab the piggyback rider and start checking off those to-do’s. The kids can help dust, change light bulbs, and clean high up places. They’ll have so much fun doing these abnormal chores, they won’t know it’s housework.

Opt Outside!

One of our favorite things is to encourage people to get the family together and spend time in the great outdoors. Whether you’re going out of town, or exploring your own backyard, this is where the Piggyback Rider thrives. Go ahead and take that long hike, go the extra mile, and don’t worry about your child. Once they get tired, the Piggyback Rider keeps them secure on your back.

Whatever you do this weekend, remember a 3-day weekend is made for families and some shopping. LABOR DAY WEEKEND ONLY: purchase a Piggyback Rider and get 3 FREE ACCESSORIES (while supplies last).

Leave the distractions at home, forget about work and just focus on family time. And don’t forget to pack the Piggyback Rider.