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Best Places To Take Your Piggyback Rider Around the US

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on

Summer is in full swing which means you and your family probably have lots of fun trips ahead of you before school starts back up in the fall. We think the Piggyback Rider is the best travel buddy and we love seeing all the great adventures you and your family going on. There are so many amazing sights to be seen, so we wanted to recap a few of our favorites around the United States that you may be visiting this summer.

South West

One of the seven wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is a sight to see, and the view gets even better when you are #ridingthebar. A great way to beat the heat (at least for those AZ natives) and only a short drive from Phoenix, this is definitely a place to check off your bucket list. There are also many other summer activities and towns to see as you make your way up to the canyon.

Pacific Northwest

With beautiful cities like Portland and Seattle, the coast, lakes and plenty of hiking trails, you really can’t run out of things to do here. The Piggyback Rider makes exploring the cities so much easier and allows for longer hikes as well. Make sure to pack a raincoat!


We couldn’t leave out Disneyland/world, so on our tour of the southern United States we will definitely be stopping at the happiest place on Earth, but there are also lots of other places to take the Piggyback Rider in this region of the country. There are lots of beaches, big cities to explore and even a few places to hike around.


Last but not least we head up to where our country was founded. So many monuments and sights to see here, you almost can’t do it without the Piggyback Rider. Not only can you easily get through crowds without the fear of a lost child, but your child will also have a way better view from atop the bar.

Summer is adventure time, and adventuring is made so much easier with the Piggyback Rider. Make sure to use the hashtag #piggybackrider on all your posts so we can see all the fun times you have this summer. Visit our website to order more accessories or send your friend their very own Piggyback Rider. 

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