Benefits of Using the Piggyback Rider

Benefits of Using the Piggyback Rider

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 24th Apr 2019

The Piggyback Rider is a versatile, useful tool all parents should have. Most child carriers are bulky and heavy and hard to use. We pride ourselves on making our carrier easy to use because busy parents need one less thing to worry about. We already love the Piggyback Rider, and we’re sure you will too. Here are our favorite reasons to use the Piggyback Rider.

Hands Free Parenting

You’re busy, we get it! The last thing you need is one more thing to hold on to or get in the way while you’re taking care of your child. The Piggyback Rider is designed to be out of the way, freeing up your hands to hold snacks, carry groceries, or snap the perfect picture!

Peace of Mind

Large crowds can be a source of stress for parents, no matter how old your child gets. In the blink of an eye they could be off exploring and out of your sight. The Piggyback Rider is great for parents who go to parades, zoos or amusement parks. Never worry about your child wandering off again!

Rest When Needed

On long hikes, your younger children will often slow down fairly quickly. The Piggyback Rider is made for times like this! Let them walk while they can, and when they get tired, you can put on the carrier and have your child hop on to rest their legs. The rest of the family can keep going, never missing a gorgeous view!

Easy to Use

Our main goal is to make a product that parents can use on the go without any hassle. The Piggyback Rider is lightweight and can be folded up easily, so you can take it with you wherever you’re off to next. Plus, you only need one parent to get the child on/off. And, it’s even easy for children, too!

Stop wasting time with bulky carriers or strollers that your child will grow out of in a few months. Make the switch to the last child carrier you’ll ever need – The Piggyback Rider.Order your carrier today! Don’t forget to add our exclusive accessories