Back to School Tips

Back to School Tips

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 13th Aug 2018

It’s that time of year everyone! We are sending our kiddos off to school. We are packing their lunches, organizing their notebooks, and saying have a good day at the front door. What are you most excited for? We are so excited to be a part of your family’s journey and their schooling! We are even more excited now that you can purchase the Piggyback Rider on Amazon! Here are our top five school tips & a link to buy your own Piggyback Rider and have it delivered in two days (Prime only).

Plan Ahead:

Give yourself time to plan ahead each week when it comes to meals, activities, homework, tv time, family time, and date night. It will help if you keep organized so you are not stressed throughout the week. Make a chore calendar so your kids know what to do in their free time without bothering you to find out.

Programs and After school Activities:

Do your kids have any after school activities to look forward to? This is the best way to help your kids find a supportive community at a young age and become passionate about something. If you get your child involved in something they love, they are excited about each day and about practicing in their free time. Give them something to love!

Family Dinners:

Family time is the most important time! Make sure you make it happen each week based off of your family needs. Do not overbook your kids with activities or schedule nightly dinners with friends. Mark different times in your calendar each week for the family like family dinner Sunday's, game day Tuesdays, etc. Let’s get creative!

Personal Space:

Let your child have their personal space and yes we mean that. That could be a quiet time daily or providing them their own desk so they have a space of their own. It teaches them responsibility and helps them mature since they are in charge of that time, where they can pick what they can do.

Eating Well and Being Healthy:

This is the biggest one for the Piggyback Rider team! Go on a walk each day, let them swim, play outside, and always have the healthy snacks within reach instead of anything else. This is the most important time for a child's health, since it can dictate their eating habits in the future and their overall health.

We hope these tips will help you conquer this school year! Visit to order a Piggyback Rider through Amazon!