Answering  the Most FAQs About the Piggyback Rider

Answering the Most FAQs About the Piggyback Rider

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 23rd Aug 2019

Every time we post about the Piggyback Rider, we get asked most of the same questions regarding safety, age of the children, laziness and what if my child falls asleep. We thought to put together some answers to your FAQs so that you can have more of an understanding of the benefits of the Piggyback Rider and if it’s right for your family. With that said, we understand that our product is not for every toddler.

What happens if my child falls off?

Every Piggyback Rider is equipped with a child safety harness to ensure a safe adventure for your child at all times. We recommend that children wear shoes while riding the Piggyback Rider®, which allows for a better grip and balance on the bar. If a child lifts one foot, this shift in weight will immediately be noticed by the adult, who can help reset the child’s foot on to the bar. If one foot suddenly slips off the bar (a very rare occurrence), assist the child to put it back on. The child safety harness (secured around the child’s back and under the arms) will support the child in the event that both feet slip off at the same time. In all circumstances where the foot may slip, the child typically continues to hold the child hand holds or the adult’s shoulders. The adult can then go towards the ground and let the child get back up on the Piggyback Rider if they weren't able to reposition them while standing.

Is it safe?

Yes. We have all the safety certifications necessary for a child carrier and received many awards including "Parent Tested. Parent Approved.®" The Piggyback Rider® has met or exceeded all required consumer product regulations for the USA, Canada, EU, Australia and New Zealand. It is just as safe as you carrying a child on your back or shoulders sans the Piggyback Rider. This is only dangerous if the parent uses bad judgement when adventuring with the toddler. Babywearers love our product as it extends their child carrying ways.

What if my child gets tired of standing?

The Piggyback Rider is an active toddler carrier for families looking for a device to assist on any adventure, big or small. This carrier is not meant for sleeping, but the child can rest by hanging their arms over the parent. Some kids have managed to nap, but we don't recommend using the Piggyback Rider as a "sleeping device". If the child gets tired, take them down and rest until you can go again. It's all about how the parent creates the "story" behind the adventure.

What if they fall asleep?

The Piggyback Rider is an active carrier and not meant for sleeping, but for fun adventures. If the child is "sleepy", we recommend letting them lean more on top of you with their arms hanging down. They can rest, but it is not ideal for them to fall asleep. Find the nearest comfy spot and take a break.

Children should walk

Kids love the Piggyback Rider, better viewpoint and more engagement from the parent. If parents want to carry their kids all day, that's up to them. This is an active child carrier and kids are burning calories and strengthening their core muscles.