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Active Thanksgiving

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on

Thanksgiving is almost here, and for many families that means gathering inside for a big meal. The Piggyback Rider Team is encouraging families to get outside and explore!

Thanksgiving Fun Run

In most cities, it’s not too late to sign up for a turkey day fun run! Start your day off right by walking or running in an easy race. The whole family can get in on this one. The Piggyback rider comes in handy for events like this. Whether you’re walking in the race, or waiting for friends and family to finish the race, you can keep your kids close. Right on your back, to be exact.

Thanksgiving Dinner To Go

If you’ve opted to go hiking on Thanksgiving Day, or even a few days later, you don’t have to skip the Thanksgiving dinner. Prepare the meal the day before, and pack it to-go. If you’re working with leftovers, turkey sandwiches are always a great go-to, and they’re easy to eat on the go.

Get the Whole Family Involved

If you can help it, skip the Thanksgiving football game, and start one of your own. The entire family, young to old, will enjoy this. After your big dinner, and maybe a nap, you’ll be ready to get moving. If football is not your thing, here are some more ideas on a fun and active Thanksgiving for the kids.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to see friends and family, but don’t forget to move! Make memories that will last a lifetime. Bring the Piggyback Rider along for the fun. If you don’t have your Piggyback Rider yet, visit our website to receive 50% off the PBR right now! From the entire Piggyback Rider Team, we hope you have a Happy (and active) Thanksgiving!

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