5 Reasons to Get Outdoors with the Piggyback Rider

5 Reasons to Get Outdoors with the Piggyback Rider

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 7th Jun 2019

It’s National Great Outdoors month, and we at Piggyback Rider, believe in every opportunity to get outside. If you have a toddler in your family, then you know all too well that they don’t always cooperate when it comes to long adventures. Put your worries and check out our top 5 reasons to get outdoors with the Piggyback Rider this summer.

Longer Adventures

Remember all of the places that you went before you had kids? You might have thought at one moment you would never be able to venture there again. We have your back, literally. A long adventure that once seemed miserable with a toddler now can be endless thanks to our standing child carriers. We created the Piggyback Rider so that your toddler can still participate in the activities, but can also take a much needed break, when they ask “can you carry me?”

Family Bonding

If you have ever carried your kids on your shoulders, or had them at your hip for long periods of time, the last thing you were most likely thinking about was family bonding. Your thoughts went more like: a couple of swear words mixed in with the words “my back” or “that hurts” or “why am I wet?” With the Piggyback Rider, you can actually enjoy the adventure with your child, as they enjoy it too! They will be seeing the same views as you, while also getting to spend the extra one-on-one time that they truly cherish.

Travel Made Easy

When you have kids, the amount of stuff you need is pretty much endless. The snacks, the extra change of clothes, the diapers, etc. It quickly turns into an overnight bag for a day long adventure. The last thing you want to worry about is a stroller or an extra large hiking backpack. The Piggyback Rider is compact and lightweight, making it the easiest thing you will have to pack on your toddler adventure. You can even use the carry bag that it comes with to pack the essentials, like snacks and water. It weighs less than 3lbs, so even when your child isn’t on it, you can still wear it comfortably, or pack it back in it’s bag.

Celebrity Status

With social media, now everyone can be a celebrity, whether you want to be one or not. When you use the Piggyback Rider, you will be the most popular one on the trail or at the amusement park. Get ready for people to stare and endlessly come up to you and ask where you got that. It’s true, the Piggyback Rider makes a big statement when you are outdoors. Why? Because it works when you have a toddler!

Less Tears

I think the biggest reason to get outdoors with the Piggyback Rider is the amount of tears it takes away. Your child can now join in on your adventures, but can still be carried when they want to. They won’t say “I can’t see” because they will actually have a better view than you. The only tears you may hear are from the other child that wants a ride.