3 Top Tips for Your Toddler's First Trike

3 Top Tips for Your Toddler's First Trike

Posted by Eileen O'Shanassy on 18th Feb 2020

Presenting your child with his or her first trike is a sweet occasion. Now your kid has the means to get around and exert a little independence. Before you make this big purchase, it is important to understand how to make this experience as successful as possible. Here are three of the top tips for choosing your toddler's first trike.

Have a Designated Space

Before you teach your child how to ride their trike, you need to have a safe space to practice learning this skill. Clearly, the number one consideration to make when choosing your space is that it is free of traffic and other obstacles. A smooth and flat space will ensure that your toddler can learn to pedal quickly without having to navigate hills. While you may be tempted to want them to ride on grassy areas because of the cushion provided for falls, this type of surface makes using the pedals more challenging.

Keep Them Close

Many of the rules of being safe on trikes are just like with bikes. Your young child needs to know that they always have to stay within your eyesight. While it is good to let your child exert a little independence, it is also important to have rules in place. This is a good time to teach them that wearing a helmet is a black-and-white issue. Once your toddler gets in the habit of wearing a helmet, it will become second nature to always put one on. Your child should also wear properly fitting elbow and knee pads while first getting started since it is likely that they will take a few tumbles.

Choosing the Right Size

When selecting a trike for your child, it is crucial that you choose the right size. Although you may be tempted to buy your child a trike that is one size up so that they can grow into it, you should buy the size for their current needs instead. If the trike is too big, your toddler will have a difficult time pedaling and navigating the roads and become frustrated. A trike that is too big will also pose a safety concern. Your child should be able to easily plant both feet on the pedals without having to stretch.

This is an exciting time for your toddler. You want to be there for their special firsts in life. Be sure to approach this milestone correctly by doing your research and being prepared for the new adventure.

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