3 Top Tips for a Successful Family Camping Trip

3 Top Tips for a Successful Family Camping Trip

Posted by Katie McGarth on 19th Oct 2020

Are you planning on taking your family on a camping trip? Camping is one of the most unifying activities for a young family, but you must do it right. By preparing your family for different circumstances, you can ensure you all have fun.

Be Prepared for the Weather

Never overestimate the weather reports for your campsite. While sometimes they can be accurate, you should always pack warm clothes and jackets just in case. Good preparation is not limited to clothes, either. According to Eureka, you should bring tarps for your tents so you can avoid flooding. Bring heat packs to keep your family’s hands warm if the weather takes an unexpected dive. Pack extra blankets that your family members can keep in their sleeping bags. If you are in an RV, bring card or board games you can play if you are forced to stay inside to avoid the rain.

Bring Adequate Lighting

While it might not seem like the most important facet of your camping experience, you should bring adequate lighting. Light can keep wildlife away from your campsite and is much safer for small kids so you can keep a firm eye on them.

If you bring lanterns, make sure that they have LED lightbulbs. According to Lighting and Supplies, LED lights last ten times longer than conventional light bulbs. They also provide a stronger source of light. Bring plenty of flashlights for everyone in your family—particularly if you are going on late-night hikes. Adequate lighting can ease stress you might be feeling about the great outdoors.

Camping Snacks

You want your camping experience to be fun! Nothing is more exciting to young kids and other family members than experimenting with foods you can only have on a camping trip. S’mores are one of the best camping snacks out there—and they are great for kids. If you are going on hikes, bring small snacks your family will enjoy.

For meals, consider trying tinfoil dinners. They take a bit of preparation beforehand, but cooking your meal on the fire is a great way to experience camping food. Think about other camp foods you have tried, and plan to bring them.

Your family camping trip will be fantastic. If you prepare for any circumstance, you will be able to make the most of any situation. Even if you are new to camping, there is a lot to enjoy when you go out and appreciate nature.

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