3 Reasons to Love Your Piggyback Rider During Quarantine

3 Reasons to Love Your Piggyback Rider During Quarantine

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 8th May 2020

As some states start to lift restrictions, and other states push their shelter in place orders to the end of May, families with toddlers still have one thing on their minds: how can I safely get outside with my toddler? During a quarantine, using the Piggyback Rider allows you to take your toddler where you go, with safety in mind, of course. Here are three reasons to love your Piggyback Rider during quarantine. 

You Can Practice Social Distancing: Because your child is safely strapped to the parent's back while using the Piggyback Rider, both you and your toddler can abide by the social distancing rules very easily. If you are going to a hiking trail, keep your child on the Piggyback Rider until you find a safe space where they can keep their distance. Allow your child to hop off and get some exercise. We have made the Piggyback Rider with the purpose of allowing your toddler to hop on and off easily. 

They Can't Touch Anything: If you need to run an errand and you can't leave them at home, strap them on the Piggyback Rider without worrying about if they will touch everything in sight. This also goes for the grocery store! Instead of putting them in the cart, use the Piggyback Rider when you need to run into the store for a few more things. Using the Piggyback Rider is a sure way to keep your toddlers from touching all the things they shouldn't be.

You Have the Control: When the world is out of control, at least you can control your toddler in front of you! Keeping track of your child is the last thing you'll have to worry about when using the Piggyback Rider. Whether you're on a hiking trail, or at Target, you have control of where your toddler goes because they are safely strapped to your back.