3 Places to Take Your Piggyback Rider This Fall

3 Places to Take Your Piggyback Rider This Fall

Posted by The Piggyback Rider Team on 5th Oct 2020

Fall is here which means new places to venture with the Piggyback Rider! If you're a family with a toddler, or two, you'll want to use our Piggyback Rider when the stroller can't make it (or is just a pain to lug around). All of these places that we recommend going this fall can all be done with a safe distance in mind. Give your toddler the gift of adventure and a view, even during a pandemic!

National Park

Fall is the perfect time to go on a hike, especially to one of the many National Parks in the United States. The weather allows for the opportunity to go on longer adventures. And the Piggyback Rider gives you the freedom to not worry about if your child will make it, or cry the whole time because they are tired. From the Narrows to Yellowstone, our Piggyback Rider has given families the ability to adventure beyond their wildest dreams. 

Local Farm 

During the fall, many local farms turn into pumpkin patches. Whether it's drive thru or picking your own pumpkin, the Piggyback Rider gives you peace of mind that your child won't be running off. With social distancing in place, you'll have your child safely strapped to your back. Once you find an area that is safe, let your child hop off and pick the perfect pumpkin. The Piggyback Rider is designed with ease in mind so that your child can hop on and off, only needing one parent for help.

Haunted House

Fall + Halloween = haunted houses. While many haunted houses are becoming drive-thru, some are in person with scheduled times for safety. If you're in a state that is allowing for in person, you'll be happy to know that the Piggyback Rider has your back! The Piggyback Rider will give your child access to the best views of all the scary things. It will also keep your child close, so they won't be tempted to run off.