Bird’s Eye View with the Piggyback Rider

Do you remember the last parade you went to? There are so many every year, so you're probably picking and choosing which ones you should go to because of your toddler. Why? Because you know you have to take them with you. And then you have to make the decision on a stroller or carrier or some other sort of device. The decision on which parade is also made with how far you have to go with your toddler. Why do you make decisions based on what your toddler can do? Make decisions based on what you can do!

Piggyback Rider can assist in any parade with an amazing bird's eye view while you're standing up straight paying attention having a drink or looking at your phone, at least your child can see what's going on. Most important part of this adventure is that your kid gets to see his or her favorite character or creation go by all while you do not have to fight for space up front. Parades have never been more fun than with the Piggyback Rider.