Airport Travel Carriers for Toddlers

Make airport travel easier for both you and your toddler with our unique standing carrier design

Piggyback Rider® is on a mission to make airport trips fun and immersive for your little one so they don’t get overwhelmed by crowds or lots of walking. Taking your young child to the airport should be a fun and exciting experience because you get to travel and go see the planes, but when you use other airport travel carriers for toddlers, they can limit your child’s visibility and ability to interact with the environment.

Our patented standing child carrier design is meant to be used by two-, three- and four-year olds under 50 pounds. It’s a modified approach to a traditional piggyback ride that avoids putting too much strain on the parent’s shoulders and back. It also allows both you and your child to have free reign of your hands and arms, so you can bond or explore the airport shops while waiting for your flight.

"So Many Uses"

- Posted by Cam D

"My family purchased the Piggyback Rider, and we have used it for family walks and visiting the science museum. Soon we are planning to use it in the airport and family vacation. It provides my daughter with Independence and a better view when she gets tired. A great investment."

Many parents today still take bulky strollers or car seat carriers with them and find that they are hard to transport on and off the plane. Other passengers have to wait while parents and flight attendants board and disembark these devices from the plane. The Piggyback Rider® folds up to the size of a rolled-up towel and fits easily into your carry-on luggage, diaper bag, purse or backpack. This allows you to spend more time focusing on caring for your child and ensuring their comfort in the plane seat.

Airport Gate Areas and Boarding Processes

Every one of our kid carriers is super lightweight, totaling about three pounds. Fold it up and easily store it in your child’s diaper bag or any other carry-on luggage as you go through airport security checks. To help make the process through security faster –without a toddler tantrum – follow these dress guidelines:

  • Wear easy-to-remove shoes. Children under age of 12 do not have to remove their shoes, so that’s a win right there!
  • Avoid wearing heavy jewelry.
  • Choose clothing without buckles or metal buttons (like overalls).
  • Store coins in your purse or diaper bag, since these will go through the x-ray machine instead of weighing down your pockets.

Because of the metal construction, you will be asked to remove your child from the carrier, fold it and put it through the x-ray machine. Luckily, break down and set up are super quick and easy for our backpack child carriers. This means you will not cause delays going through security. For full details on what to expect with airport security, please check out this TSA Guide.

Security procedures aside, your child will love watching the planes come in and leave while you wait for your next flight. Don’t forget that our version of airport travel carriers for toddlers can help ensure you make your flight on-time if you are one of those “always late” parents or if you need to make a connecting flight on the other side of the airport. Order yours directly from Piggyback Rider® today!