The SCOUT Toddler Carrier

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  • Revolutionary standing child carrier with safety harness
  • Designed for toddlers up to 50 lbs
  • Compact and lightweight carrier, weighing less than 3 pounds
  • Made of high-quality climbing components and engineered for strength and safety
Revolutionary standing child carrier with safety harness
Designed for toddlers up to 50 lbs
Compact and lightweight carrier, weighing less than 3 pounds
Made of high-quality climbing components and engineered for strength and safety
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The Scout Toddler Carrier is an innovative new way to carry kids.

No set up. No tired little feet. Just FUN!

Peace of Mind

Feel safe and secure with our upgraded adult carrier featuring two handles and an integrated child safety harness (included).


The Scout is made of high quality climbing components and engineered for strength and safety, with military grade buckles and webbing. Yet it weighs less than 3 lbs!

Comfortable for Everyone

Our sturdy, unisex design functions like a standard backpack, distributing the child's weight at your core. This allows you to walk standing straight up in a natural posture with your hands free.


Standing securely on a non-skid bar, kids can see over your shoulder with ease. They love the height advantage! Plus, your child's hands are off your face and out of your hair.

Adventures Made Easy

The Scout toddler carrier is designed for simplicity and ease. You and your child can be ready for your next outing in minutes!


Perfect for year-round use, the Piggyback Rider Scout is great for hiking, shopping, watching, wandering, at amusement parks, sporting events, markets and everywhere else you might go.

 Revolutionize Your Family Outings!

Piggyback Rider's award-winning toddler carrier will revolutionize your family outings, encouraging interactivity and bonding.


The Scout is far more maneuverable than a stroller and safer than putting your child on your shoulders. Trust us, once you try the Piggyback Rider, you won't be able to imagine life without it!

What Parents Are Saying

  • 5
    Fantastic Product & Service

    Posted by Alysha Hoogestraat

    We are loving the piggyback rider for our 2.5yr old. It is so much easier on your back than a backpack carrier, we couldn't believe the difference! The customer service was amazing and they went out of their way to help us get the product right away. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!

  • 5
    Absolutely fantastic!

    Posted by Louise Heap

    As keen hikers, we are encouraging our 5 year old daughter to share our love for the outdoors. She’s too long for the traditional carriers and doesn’t like to be stuck in, as she likes to join us walking but just can’t manage the distance. The piggyback rider is the perfect compromise. She climbs on when her little legs get tired but can get off as and when she fancies a walk / to explore. The design of the backpack makes it easy to carry, it’s comfortable on the back /shoulders and is very lightweight and transportable. We even use it to go walking to the local mall, something we couldn’t have done with our 5 year old in tow prior to owning the piggyback rider. We’ll Be using it for Disney later in the year as well - genius! Would highly recommend to anyone and everyone!

  • 4
    Best thing I packed for Disney!

    Posted by Laura

    Watching people with strollers trying to get through the Disney crowds, I was so happy to have my toddler in the piggyback rider! Packed it in my suitcase so easily and used it all week at a sports tournament weekend for my older daughter. We logged over 10 miles a day easily and he could jump on or off as he wanted. He loved being a head above to see all the parades and sights. So many people stopped to ask what it was and take a pic of it. They had never seen it before ! I couldn't be happier with a purchase !

  • 5

    Posted by Anonymous

    I bought it for my son and daughter in law, they hike a lot. They have it a thumbs up.

  • 5
    It has EVERYTHING!!!

    Posted by Luke B

    What a great deal to get all the Piggyback Rider products. We were just going to get the carrier and Hip Belt and when we saw the deal & Free shipping, it was a no brainer. We look forward to using it this holiday season.

  • 5
    Great product & service

    Posted by Nicole D

    We love the concept of this product because older children can have an option to walk and not be too much of a strain on the parents when they need a piggyback ride along the way. They gave great customer service when I called to inquire about replacement of a part -and shipped one out to us.

  • 5
    Goodtimes await...

    Posted by Nick Tait

    I did not know just how much fun my boys and i where going to have until i bought this. Strong straps, sturdy footbar. Childs harness gives you piece of mind the the lil one isnt going anywhere. We go everywhere with our piggybackrider. Whoever invented this deserves a hug. I wish the childs harness had a chest clip like the adults. You have made an amazing product for amazing people

  • 5
    Child loves it

    Posted by Nick

    My daughter loves it. Easy to use and best of all she gets to see so much more.

  • 5
    Best kid carrier

    Posted by L. Silva

    We love the piggyback rider, our use it every day to take my three-year-old to school and back. Also use it for hiking in Rocky Mountain national Forest, cooking at the stove, mowing the lawn and just about anything else you want to do together. I would recommend this to any parent who would like to have hands-free but still have their kid with them. We love you piggyback rider thanks.