Testimonials from our biggest fans.

"We love the Piggyback Rider; makes taking the kids around so easy!"

- Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott

"Families with kids with Apraxia worry all the time when we are at places with large crowds that if our children wandered off or got lost that they would not be able to tell someone their name and info. They do have products like bracelets, temp. Tattoos, dog tags, but nothing can make a family feel secure like having their child right there with them. The Piggyback Rider child carrier backpack accomplishes that! Your product is the perfect thing for kids like mine who are too big for a stroller! Good luck! It is a wonderful product for kids like Jackson."

- Megan M.

"We absolutely love the Piggyback Rider kid carrier, we would recommend it to anyone!"

- Leanne H. (PTPA blogger)

"I think it’s brilliant!"

- Marisol Nichols

“When I discovered the Piggyback Rider kid carrier backpack, I just about jumped for joy! It’s such a comfortable carrier and so lightweight and easy to set up, it really is an inspired product.”

- Lacy H. from In the Know Mom

“We love our Piggyback Rider!”

- Nancy O’Dell

“Already tweeted about it, love this thing!”

- Kevin Frazier

“@piggybackrider LOVED meeting you and LOVED the Rider! It was ,hands down, our favorite product yesterday!! EVERY parent needs one! THANKS!”

- Diana Maria Riva

“Thank you Piggyback Rider you have given my hands back when my 3 year-old’s legs just don’t want to work anymore. We are currently on a family holiday, camping our way from Victoria to Sydney, Australia. While we were camping the itch to try the rider got too much for my husband who gave it a go and also become a ‘Ride the Bar’ convert instantly. Bye bye framed carrier, was nice knowing you. We made it to Sydney for the biggest night of the city (New Years’ Eve fireworks), this is where the Piggyback Rider kid carrier backpack really shined a brightly. With thousands upon thousands of people converging on the city, the Piggyback Rider kid carrier was a blessing in getting to a great vantage point without having to worry about losing my 3 year-old. It was wonderful for the whole family to see and enjoy the fireworks. The Piggyback Rider will be joining us on many more family vacations”

- Rhonda F. of Victoria, Australia

“…it’s brilliant. It was really easy to use and I loved that (compared to our toddler frame backpack) it allows you to interact so much more with your kid. My 4 1/2 year old daughter liked the vantage point so much that I had to ration it so that she’d actually get some exercise in. Which also made the easy on & off a plus.”

- Doak S.

“OMG! I can’t walk 10 feet without someone stopping us! I’m at an outdoor mall and everyone wants one!”

- Josh B.