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Kidsumers reviews the Piggyback Rider

Kidsumers Canada reviews the Piggyback Rider, says “perfect for growing kids” Most parents have been where we are with our youngest child. He’s five years old and getting a little big to ride in a stroller, but he still gets tired on long walks or day trips. He’s too heavy for me to carry, and [...]


CNN Travel 10 road-ready gifts for travelers includes Piggyback Rider

By Mary Kavanagh and Laura Morrison, for CNN TravelEvery traveler needs cool stuff. Everyone else needs December gift ideas. Behold, CNN Travel 10-step solution to both problems.The season of joyful tidings is more often a season of panic shopping.Relax.These 10 gifts for cnn travelers will make their trips easier. More important, they’ll make you look [...]


2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Under $150 by Open Air Life

2012 Holiday Gift Guide by Open Air Life features the Piggyback Rider Backpack child carrierabout 1/2 way down the page.


FedEx nominates Piggyback Rider for Small Business Grant

Fedex has nominated the Piggyback Rider kid carrier backpack for a grant in their small business grant program. This is a great honor for us and we look forward to your vote. As a hopeful grantee winner, we’ll use the funds to enhance our marketing program by launching local initiatives that get the [...]


Show off your Kid Adventurers!

Back in September, we posted the winners of our super successful “How do YOU wear YOUR kids?” photo contest. Over the past few weeks, Multisport Journeys has been working hard to take those photos and turn them into images that anyone can buy. We’re fans of the idea of promoting what you LOVE [...]


The Mom Show writes about the Piggyback Rider

The Mom Show does a featured post.I have recently learned about a product called The Piggyback Rider kid carrier! Basically, this is a child carrier that allows your child a “piggy back ride” whenever you’re out walking!One of the great reasons that I love this, is because most carriers are made for infants. This [...]


Piggyback Rider goes on Calgary Zoo Ranch Tour

This is an updated blog and review from Ruff Ruminations from their Calgary Zoo Ranch tour with the Piggyback Rider kid carrier.You can start by checking out what I had to say at Family Fun Calgary, our first posting about using the Piggyback Rider kid carrier. But here is how our recent tour of the [...]


SUP and Piggyback Rider double decker

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2012 covers C4 Waterman and Piggyback Rider double decker stunt. These two are real pro’s.Check it out here…


FamilyFunCalgary goes to the Zoo

This year the Calgary Zoo offered Inspire members the opportunity to visit the zoo’s ranch just outside of the city. The Devonian Wildlife Conservation Centre currently houses moose, elk, caribou, deer, whooping cranes, sand hill cranes, Przewalski’s horses and Vancouver Island marmots. This rare tour was a chance to see another side of the Calgary [...]


Piggyback Rider on KTalk radio Utah

The Piggyback Rider was featured on K-Talk Radio in Salt Lake City Utah. Listen to the broadcast herelook for this like a short way down: 2012 06-20 piggybackriderdotcom 301-541-3744 Torsten Bangeter of readaboutgeardotcom.mp3