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Full Sail International, LLC is a family owned and operated company and the inventors of the Piggyback Rider child carrier system.

Although geographically spread across the United States, the Lifshitz brothers are at it again. With eight children between us we have done our fair share of carrying kids and quickly realized that there had to be something better than a bulky backpack carrier or stroller. We're tinkerers and inventors so utilizing everything the internet has to offer including nightly VOIP calls, on-line white boarding, cell-to-cell calls, emails, basement photo shoots and data sharing sites the Piggyback Rider® was born. child kid carrier backpack.

The Piggyback Rider® inventors create the last child carrier that you will ever need to buy.

It accommodates children once they are able, but unwilling, to walk. Often weighed down by toddlers on their back or shoulders, we became tired of aching backs and stiff necks. However, we were unwilling to part with those precious moments, forever etched in our memory, bonding us with our children. child kid carrier backpack.

The Piggyback Rider® kid carrier was invented to take advantage of the natural instinct to carry a child on your back. The solid aluminum bar allows the child to stand up, which positions the center of mass over your hips. Now, you can walk upright. Child hand holds were placed at two locations on the shoulder straps to remove tiny hands from around your neck. And the child safety harness adds peace of mind, by bonding you and your child. We endeavor to facilitate and invent more bonding moments between you and your children. Our eight children are unanimous in saying, “Your kids are going to LOVE it!”

Sometimes we also invent fun. Trying to emulate the many CEO video's we've seen, we also took a crack at it. It was harder than we thought. check it out.

We have selected a number of organizations to support that promote a complimentary mission to the Piggyback Rider.  Please join us in supporting these great organizations also.

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NOTICE: We are the ONLY authorized resellers of the Piggyback Rider® on Amazon. Buying from any other vendors would be at your own risk and may also void your warranty.