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Forget the ties and golf balls this year.

Make dad say “wow” with something new and innovative that he can use every single day. Fathers who travel for business aren’t the only “traveling dads.”

Fox News has every budget and every… Continue reading

Phoenix, AZ 2014

Piggyback Rider standing child carrier receives the 2014 Travel Goods Association Award for Most Buzz at the Annual Industry Trade Show. We’re adding it to the trophy wall.

Piggyback Rider earns 'Most Buzz' Award from Travel Goods AssociationPiggyback Rider earns 'Most Buzz' Award from Travel Goods Association2       Travel Goods Association

For parents with small kids, it sometimes seems like enjoying the outdoors is impossible.  Carrying a 3-year-old for any amount of Piggyback Riderdistance isn’t going to happen, and they certainly can’t walk as far or fast as their parents.  That’s where… Continue reading

Piggyback Rider Sonoran LivingTech Investor News’ Coolest Gadgets.

Carry me, please!” …oh how I remember those days. If you’re a mom, I’m sure you remember them too, they followed right behind “up-py, up-py” Can you picture it now? Little arms outstretched, standing on… Continue reading

Piggyback Rider Basic Model

The Piggyback Rider is a mutually enjoyable, effortless way to carry a child (2½+ years) on your back. It functions like a backpack, utilizing a shoulder-mounted foot-bar to distribute the child’s weight at your core, enabling… Continue reading

The Piggyback Rider his highlighted by Maks & Mila magazine as a top 2013 product.

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Sweet Relish is now writing about the uber cool stuff Piggyback Rider and the many uses for parenting fun.  Read more here…

Sweet Relish reviews: Everyone has seen it- the parent struggling to carry the weight of their child on… Continue reading

A really nice testimonial from a satisfied client

I just got back from a vacation at Yellowstone and I can’t express how great it was to have the Piggyback Rider.  We are a family that spends a lot of time… Continue reading

Sonoran Living ABC15 child carrier
Sonoran Living ABC15 child carrier

By: Margo Papke

ABC15 Sonoran Living. There’s a new innovative product on the market that is a one-of-kind kid carrier!

The Piggyback Rider child carrier is designed to carry kids when their legs get… Continue reading


Outdoor Retailer-Jordanelle Reservoir and Salt Palace, UTAH

We saw something very cool at Outdoor Retailer this year. In our ‘hood’- dogs waaaay outnumber the number of little human citizens—but Piggyback Rider standing child carriers have a grateful following… Continue reading

The Canadian Rockies offer phenomenal scenery for exploring with the Piggyback Rider standing backpack carrier. PiggyBack Rider standing child carrier won’t give you the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound but if you’ve ever tried hiking with… Continue reading

Cragmama reviews the Piggyback Rider because over the past 3 years, our household has relied heavily on two different carriers to see us through from point A to point B on our various family adventures – the Kelty KidCarrier (when… Continue reading

Les enfants à Paris.

He might look very cute but he doesn’t like to walk long distances… I’m getting so fed up with carrying my little one. “I’m going to walk today mummy so let’s leave the ‘pousette’ at home.” … Continue reading

Read about the Piggyback Rider in Spanish as reviewed by Tu Bebe Seguro

Piggyback Rider in Spanish. El cargador para niños Piggyback Rider™ marca tendencia, es ultraliviano y va donde sea, en pocas palabras es una barra para pies sobre… Continue reading

InsideOutdoor logo   Inside Outdoor Magazine. The Piggyback Rider standing child carrier for active outdoors transport has announced that it is being carried at REI stores and online at rei.com, including in the Seattle flagship store, Denver, Anchorage and Tustin,… Continue reading

piggyback rider assistive deviceThe Piggyback Rider is ISO 9999 medical assistive device for children with special needs.

The Piggyback Rider standing child carrier is now classified as a medical assistive device by the U.S. Department of Education’s, National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, AbleData database… Continue reading

The Best Hiking Carriers for Mountain Kids

by Raising Rippers outside magazine piggyback rider

This Outside Magazine – Best Hiking Carriers for Kids project’s been a while in the works, mostly because every time it seems ready to wrap, a new state-of-the-art… Continue reading

OpenAirLife Spring 13 Gear Guide includes the Piggyback Rider NOMIS Carrier Deluxe

Taking your kid out for a hike has never been easier. The Piggyback Rider is perfect for those kids that like to hike but might not make it… Continue reading

kidsumers reviews the piggyback rider

Kidsumers Canada reviews the Piggyback Rider, says “perfect for growing kids” Most parents have been where we are with our youngest child. He’s five years old and getting a little big to ride in a stroller, but he still gets… Continue reading

Piggyback Rider is a top travel product for families in 2012.  Endorsed by both Fodors and CNN Travel, Piggyback Rider makes both top 10 lists for family friendly travel gear for 2012.

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